coconut husk fiber or coir, natural fiber extracted from coconut fruit

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What is Cocofibre?

COIR is a versatile natural fibre extracted from mesocarp tissue, or husk of the coconut fruit. The husk contains 20% to 30% fibre of varying length. After grinding the husk, the long fibres are removed and used for various industrial purposes, such as rope and mat making.

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Brown fibre is obtained by harvesting fully mature coconuts when the nutritious layer surrounding the seed is ready to be processed into copra and desiccated coconut. Brown fibers are thick, strong and have high abrasion resistance.

White fibers extracted from immature coconuts. White fibers are smoother and finer, but also weaker. harvested after about six to twelve months on the plant, contain pliable white fibres.

In addition to it is tough and naturally resistant to seawater, the coir protects the fruit enough to survive months floating on ocean currents to be washed up on a sandy shore where it may sprout and grow into a tree, if it has enough fresh water, because all the other nutrients it needs have been carried along with the seed.

Uses and Applications

Total world coir fibre production is 250,000 tonnes. The coir fibre industry is particularly important in some areas of the developing world. Mainly the coastal region of indonesia produces coir fibre. We produced annually throughout the world is consumed in the countries of origin.

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The Wonders of Coir :

1. Moth-proof ; resistant to fungi and rot.

2. Provides excellent insulation against temperature and sound. 3. Not easily combustible.

4. Flame-retardant.

5. Unaffected by moisture and dampness.

6. Tough and durable.

7. Resilient; springs back to shape even after constant use.

8. Totally static free.

9. Easy to clean.

These characteristics make the fibers quite useful in floor and outdoor mats, aquarium filters, cordage and rope, and garden mulch.

Brown Fibre

They are pale when immature but later become hardened and yellowed as a layer of lignin, is deposited on their walls. Mature brown coir fibres contain more lignin and less cellulose than fibres such as flax and cotton and so are stronger but less flexible. They are made up of small threads, each less than 0.05 inch (1.3 mm) long and 10 to 20 micrometres in diameter.

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Brown coir is used in brushes, doormats, mattresses and sacking. A small amount is also made into twine.

A major proportion of brown coir pads are sprayed with rubber latex which bonds the fibres together (rubberized coir) to be used as upholstery padding for the automobile industry in Europe. The material is also used for insulation and packaging.

Product Specification :

  • Color : Brown
  • Length : 80% (10 cm - 25cm) & 20% (7cm - 10cm)
  • Dust & Impurities ; Less than 5% ( <5%)
  • moisture : Less than 15% ( <15%)
  • Foreign Matter : 5% (Max)
  • Harmonized system code : 5305.00.40

White Fibre

White fibre is smoother and finer, but also weaker. The coir fibre is relatively waterproof and is the only natural fibre resistant to damage by salt water.

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The major use of white coir is in rope manufacture. Mats of woven coir fibre are made from the finer grades of bristle and white fibre using hand or mechanical looms. Coir is recommended as substitute for milled peat moss because it is free of bacteria and fungal spores.

The remaining material, composed of short and medium-length fibres may be screened to remove part or all of the fibre, and the remaining product is referred to as coco peat.

Product Specification :

  • Color : White / Golden Brown
  • Length : 80% (10 cm - 25cm) & 20% (7cm - 10cm)
  • Dust & Impurities ; Less than 5% ( <5%)
  • moisture : Less than 15% ( <15%)
  • Foreign Matter : 5% (Max)
  • Harmonized system code : 5305.00.40

Quality of Indonesian Cocofiber

Normally coir is a commercial product which create out of coconut husks and coconut coir is a by product of coconut fruit which can create lots of value added products.

Since coconut fiber is 100 % natural product this is recyclable green products. Most of coconut coir fiber extracted out of coconut husks is long 4 to 12 inches in long and they colored brown and white naturally.

Grade :

  • Fully Mature : Brown Fibre ( thick, strong and have high abrasion resistance)
  • Immature : White FIbre ( smoother and finer )

Product Specification :

Cocofiber / Coir fibre

  • Length : 80% (10 cm - 25cm) & 20% (7cm - 10cm)
  • Dust & Impurities ; Less than 5% ( <5%)
  • moisture : Less than 15% ( <15%)
  • Foreign Matter : 5% (Max)
  • Harmonized system code : 5305.00.40

Packing Term

The Republic of Indonesia has around 11 container ports.

The country’s shipping sector has enormous potential, but the port infrastructure in many places is old and obsolete, unable to meet maritime trade volumes.

It has resulted in exorbitant logistical costs and greater vessel turnaround times as some ports are burdened beyond capacity.

However we are cooperating with experienced forwading company to handle the shipment, documentation and to get the best price. Once the container are placed on the ship, we track the movement of the vessels to provide the best customer service.

Compressed in Bale :

  • Bale weight : 95 KG - 105 KG
  • Dimension : 90cm x 80cm x 40cm
  • MOQ : 40ft container ( 17.5 - 18 MT) ± 198 bales
  • Sample : Available ( shipping cost from buyer)
  • Production : 90MT/month
  • FCL : 40” with pallets approx 18MT
  • Document: supported

Terms & Conditions

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Payment methods

Telegraphic/ Swift Wire Transfer (T/T), 50% down payment in advance is required to start the production. The rest of the payment has to be done upon invoice after container loaded. Original documents will be sent to the consignee upon receipt the transfer.

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Order Terms

FCL (Full Container Load), Minimum order is 1 x 40′ container.

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Sample Order

All samples are charged 1.5 times normal production price without minimum quantity. We do not give free samples in order to avoid unfair business practices (copying to another factory for production purpose)

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Price Terms

Available price term is FOB (Free On Board) only

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